Latin a Day

A personal ongoing project. Based on the term "Creatio Ex Nihilo" - Creation out of nothing. It is a latin saying and a religious belief that the universe was created by the ultimate creator, God, out of nothing. It led me to research other various Latin terms and quotations and present them in a poster form; thus creating an entire project out of nothing.
"Creatio Ex Nihilo" - Creation out of nothing
"Alma Mater" - Nourishing mother
"Acta Non Verba" - Deeds, not words
"Cogito Ergo Sum" - I think, therefore I am
"Dictum Factum" - What is said, it is done
"Disce quasi semper victurus, vive quasi crac moriturus" - Learn as if you are always going to live, live as if tomorrow you're going to die

"Homo unius libri (timeo)" - (I fear) a man of one book
"Volentem fata nolente trapunta" - The fates lead the willing and drag the unwilling
"Semper ions quiconque cupit" - Whoever desires is always poor.
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